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Religious Unit is the original entity established on 3rd March 1971 and placed under the Division of Student Affairs. It was established with the aim of helping students to equip themselves with a basic knowledge of religion, as well as solving problems that always arise in religion among students. Starting in February 1995 Religious Unit was given a new name and expanded the Islamic Development Unit, Information and Publications Unit and the Training and Human Development. All three units were placed under the Integrated Service Center Islam (KIB), based at the Islamic Center UiTM. Expanded its role and functions, including service deployment religious understanding among staff as well as its essential task for the students. In January 2001 it was returned to its original function under the Division of Student Affairs and renamed the Religious Unit. Starting in May 2002 it was revamped and renamed the Center for Islamic Thought and Understanding (CITU). Because of the role and functions needed by the Division of Student Affairs will start early January 2003 it put back under the Division of Student Affairs with the name of religion Advisory Center. On January 13, 2004 Religious Advisory Center combined with the Islamic Education Center and placed under the auspices of the Center for Islamic Thought and Understanding (CITU) and given a new name as the Islamic Development Department (JKI). Its staff consists of Islamic Affairs Officer, Assistant Officer Hal Islam and Islamic Affairs Assistant.

To realize this vision and mission, ACIS has formulated a number of objectives, namely:

• Strengthening the dissemination of knowledge and thinking and understanding of Islam through academic and non-academic program quality.
• Take a course and focuses on a multidisciplinary scientific activities at the University according to Islamic perspective.
• To ensure the success of world-class scholarship and research can be realized.
• Coordinate the development program of science and understanding of Islam through the sharing of expertise, resources and infrastructure between the organization and external UiTM.
• Reorganizing the structure of professional and community service programs such as religious and legal advice syar'ie.
• Revitalizes and enhance cultural research and consultancy in the fields of Islam.
• Apply the culture of ICT in teaching, learning and professional services community.

Be the center of integration of knowledge, thinking and understanding of Islam which is famous for the development of the community


Diversifying the professional and semi-professional courses oriented Islam in collaboration with faculty and agencies

• Revitalizes and nourishes the intellectual culture through academic activities and a variety of activities

• Improving scholarship and research by conducting programs of academic and non-academic-oriented Islam

Mempelbagaikan kursus profesional dan separa profesional yang berorientasikan Islam dengan kerjasama fakulti dan

      agensi berkaitan

•     Menggiat dan menyuburkan budaya keintelektualan melalui kegiatan akademik dan pelbagai aktiviti

•     Mempertingkatkan kesarjanaan dan penyelidikan dengan mengadakan program-program akademik dan non-

      akademik yang berorientasikan Islam

1)   Personal religious guidance and advice
  - Aqeedah
  - Morality
  - Worship
  - Sharia
  - Al-Quran
  - Finance
2)   Guidance and advisory groups
  - Personal Development Program
  - Self Consolidation and Stabilization program
  - Self-recovery program
3)   Zakat Management
4)   Management congregational prayers, Friday
5)   Consultancy services for spiritual activities
6)   Current Islamic discourse and Information
7)   Islamic Decoration Day Celebration Program
8)   Spiritual Curriculum

ust-najih : Muhammad Najih Irsyad Bin Ahmad Puhad
: Assistant Registrar (Islamic Affairs)
: 603-6126 7562
: Sg Buloh Campus
person : Rozila Binti Deraman
: Assistant
: 603-6126 7573
: Sg Buloh Campus
03-6126 7562

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